URL : http://chj-bfestival.appspot.com/jsp/match.jsp

1. App Engine + jQuery mobile

2. It's free

3. Do not save any critical information.

4. If you 'Complete' all task, there is no data on server side. - it doesn't store the completed task.

5. This app does not store any account information except for the email address (It should be used for the primary key of your todo)

6. App Engine's daily quota is limited, so sometimes it can be unavailable.

7. If you have any comments, please e-mail me. (wingman7@gmail.com)

8. It supports the apple-touch-icon, so you can add the short cut on the iPhone home screen.


9. Due date field added.

10. Today slider added.


11. Add Adsense

12. Optimize datastore read operation.

Due date setting

Toggle slider for today

- Hazard -

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